About Petals Ayurveda

When ever the word natural beauty comes ayurveda strikes the mind. Ayurvedic treatments are helping upto a great extent in natural beauty and maintaining skin care, ayurvedic hair care since ancient times. ”Chand Chugh” a renowned name in the world of natural beauty & herbal cosmetics is associated with Ayurveda studies and researches related to natural beauty and herbal cosmetics since last 25 years. Owner of a well known ayurvedic treatment beauty centre, she did various researches and offered a variety of preparations as face packs, lepas, hair packs, oils, face creams etc. using ancient Ayurvedic herbs. Being inspired by the knowledge of “Charak Samhita” she brought out an Ayurvedic range of skin and hair care products under the brand name “Petals Ayurveda” in 2005.

PETALS AYURVEDA is a family owned enterprise proud of its family values. As the Company grows, it is even more important to maintain the values on which that success is based. A combination of high performance Ayurvedic & Herbal Beauty Cosmetics, Professional Salon & Spa Cosmetic Solutions and great customer service ensure that PETALS AYURVEDA customers have all the tools necessary for a successful business.

The story so far…

Petals Ayurveda beauty products reflect the very essence of natural care for your skin, hair and body to make them stay healthy and attractive for long span. These products are inspired from the ancient Indian science of ayurveda and made from special blends of botanical extracts, nutrients and natural aromatic oils, which are unique and highly effective. These exclusive products have been produced after extensive trails and formulated on the basis of ancient ayurveda to suit all types of skin. All products are specially developed for all age groups using the latest scientific production techniques coupled with precious ayurvedic herbs and their extracts that suit specific skin types without giving any negative reaction. So go ahead and enter the world where you can explore your beauty to the fullest.